10 refreshing tips for hot summer days

Although we are used to warmth and sun on the Costa Blanca, the early and persistent heat wave does not only affect older people. The experts at your Policlínica Glorieta have therefore put together some tips on how to get through these hot days and protect yourself from consequences such as dehydration, sunburn and heat stroke. Our 10 tips for you:

  • Light clothing made of linen or cotton is airy and comfortable to wear even in high temperatures.
  • Enjoy your siesta! Closed blinds or curtains successfully block out the heat.
  • Be careful with the air conditioning: it should not be set too cold, as this increases the risk of catching a cold.
  • Sport, shopping, heavy work and walking the dog should be done in the early hours of the morning.
  • Become a wimp! Lukewarm water helps against the heat. If you take a shower that is too cold, your body will turn on its circulation and produce even more heat.
  • Avoid the blazing sun!
  • Enjoy the typically light Mediterranean cuisine, lots of vegetables, fruit and fish!
  • Make sure you drink a lot, 2-3 liters of water should be distributed throughout the day.
  • Always remember to have enough sun protection when you leave the house
  • When it is hot, the body uses more sodium. It is therefore advisable to drink sodium-rich mineral water.


In general, we recommend just shifting gears and taking it slow. With this in mind: Enjoy the summer!

Photo: Como – Adobe Stock

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