Your proctologist in Dénia

Your proctologist in Dénia

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What does a proctologist do?

The specialist in intestinal diseases

Coloproctology, as proctology is also known, is a medical branch that deals with diseases of the rectum. Intestinal diseases are to be taken seriously and must be clarified quickly.

But when should you actually go to the proctologist? A visit to the intestinal specialist is indicated as soon as traces of pus, blood, fat or mucus appear in the stool. In Proktologie Dénia, we identify the causes with the help of state-of-the-art diagnostics and a lot of experience. In some cases we work together with gastroenterology on an interdisciplinary basis.

Act in time!
Unfortunately, many patients decide too late to visit the proctologist because they are uncomfortable with the subject or they are ashamed of the examination. Our specialists take away these worries and prejudices from the patients and answer all important questions in advance.


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What diseases does the proctologist treat?

Some of the areas of application


Cavity-like vascular cushions in the anal canal are responsible for exact anal closure. If they enlarge, they can cause problems known as haemorrhoidal disease, which is characterized by itching, inflammation of the skin and bleeding.

Colon cancer

Colon cancer is a common malignant disease. It usually develops from benign precursors, the so-called polyps. As part of the screening colonoscopy for the early detection of colorectal cancer, the proctologist removes all polyps that are present endoscopically. This can prevent the development of colon cancer. If cancer is diagnosed, further therapy is required.


An abscess is an encapsulated, purulent inflammation that originates in the glands in the wall of the after canal. Basically, an abscess must be treated surgically.

Your proctologist in Dénia is the point of contact for, among others


Anal thrombosis

Skin tags

Anal fissure

Pilonidal sinus

Anal eczema


Colon polyps



Your specialist


Dr Mazen Nassif

Dr Mazen Nassif

Specialist in proctology

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