Your osteopath in Dénia

Your osteopath in Dénia

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What does the osteopath do?

The holistic diagnosis and treatment of pain

Osteopathy is an independent specialty and examines all movement restrictions of the body for their causes and treats structural disorders. An osteopath diagnoses and treats exclusively with his hands.

Osteopathy does not consider individual functional disorders in isolation, but in interaction with the entire body, whether back pain, migraine, joint problems, restrictions after an accident or temporomandibular joint problems. Osteopathic medicine is considered gentle and is suitable for patients of all ages, even infants.

We offer osteopathy with our partner REMA Dénia.

Indications for osteopathy

What diseases does the osteopath treat?


Chronic pain


Disc prolapse




Back problems


Complaints after accidental injuries


TMJ problems


Headache and migraine


Neck and shoulder pain


Pulmonary dysfunction


Muscle tension

Ostepathy for children

Your little ones in the best hands

Birth Trauma

Unfortunately, the youngest can not communicate what they are missing. However, if your baby suffers from abdominal colic, cries a lot and has a crooked neck, then it may be KISS syndrome. In this upper cervical-induced symmetry disorder, the baby’s unilateral tilt is particularly noticeable.

Three-month colic

These severe abdominal cramps occur mainly in the first three months of life and can be caused, for example, by a blockage. The gentle pressure of osteopathic treatment eliminates them.

Spitting or sucking and swallowing problems

If the baby is restless during feeding or has a constant need to suck, the osteopath can also help here.

Growth and posture disorders in children

Osteopathy can also be used very successfully for these developmental problems in children.

Your osteopath in Dénia is the contact for your children for


Postural deformities

Movement restrictions

Developmental Disabilities

Non-specific complaints

Pulmonary dysfunction

Digestive disorders

Your osteopath


Juanma Peramo

Juanma Peramo

Certified Osteopath & Physiotherapist

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