Your ENT doctor in Dénia

Your ENT doctor in Dénia

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What does the ENT do?

The doctor for the senses

The ENT specialist deals with three major organ systems: breathing in the nose and throat, digestion in the mouth and throat, and sensory perception in the nose, mouth and throat.

He treats injuries, changes in shape, tumors and deformities as well as voice, speech, language and hearing disorders.

Using an endoscope, he examines the larynx, nasopharynx, esophagus and trachea. He checks lymph nodes by means of palpation, as well as thickening and nodules in the thyroid and salivary glands.

To clarify the diagnosis, the ENT in Dénia uses ultrasound and CT. He also has other state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment methods at his disposal.

Our services

Your ENT doctor Dénia


Mirror examination




Hearing test


Balance testing


Allergy diagnostics


Smell test


Nose surgeries


Tinnitus Analysis


Magnifying laryngoscope




Sleep screening

What diseases does the ENT doctor treat?

Some of the treatment areas

Sinus infection

A sinus infection is a chronic or acute inflammation of the mucous membrane in the paranasal sinuses. During the examination, the specialist can determine whether it may be part of a general respiratory disease


Tinnitus is a recurring perception of tones and noises such as hissing, buzzing or whistling in the ear. This often means a high level of suffering for those affected. There is also the so-called pulsating tinnitus, which means hearing the heartbeat in the ear.

Diseases of the upper respiratory tract

These include colds with a runny nose and sore throat. Other symptoms can include a lack of sense of smell, nosebleeds and fever.


Your ENT in Dénia is your point of contact at, among other things





Burning Mouth Syndrome

Odor disorders

Balance disorders

Hay fever


Earwax plug

Glandular fever


Frontal sinusitis

Your specialists


Dra Paula Barbieri

Dra Paula Barbieri

Specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine

John Segel

John Segel

Specialist ENT, audiometry

Dr García Roig

Dr García Roig

Specialist in aesthetic facial surgery

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