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Welcome to your polyclinic in Dénia. We are your experts for all medical questions and have beds in excellent specialist clinics.

All subject areas under one roof

With us, you are the focus

In the Policlinica Glorieta in Dénia, top medical technology is combined with comprehensive competence, empathy and a warm atmosphere.

Unique in the region

State-of-the-art technology

Do you suffer from claustrophobia in MRI? We have something against it: our new, open MRT, in which even patients with pacemakers can sit after consultation with our cardiologist.

Forgotten mask? No problem, we will be happy to help you out with one!

Forgotten mask? No problem, we will be happy to help you out with one!

Policlinica Glorieta in Denia

Your medical competence center for all health issues

In the Policlinica Glorieta in Dénia, top medical technology is combined with comprehensive competence, empathy and a warm atmosphere. You, the patient, are our focus. This also includes advising you intensively and with plenty of time, discussing the right therapies together and supporting you with all therapeutic measures with our specialist knowledge.​

We speak your language
Those who need medical help want to be able to communicate in their mother tongue. So that you can, we understand your concerns in German and six other languages: Spanish, English, French, Polish, Portuguese and Bulgarian. If you need a treatment appointment arranged by us outside of our clinic and do not speak Spanish, we will take care of the organization.

More than just a family doctor with services
We are not only your doctor in Dénia, but also offer you all the main medical departments under one roof in our state-of-the-art clinic.

17 specialties under one roof

Each of our doctors is an expert in their field

General medicine

Your family doctor in Dénia is the first point of contact when it comes to health problems.


In our cardiology, everything revolves around strong muscles.


Whether back pain, joint diseases or joint replacement: our orthopedic department is the right contact person.

Your family doctor in Dénia

Our task is the basic medical care of our patients. Whether pain, indefinable complaints or chronic conditions: we are the direct contacts when symptoms occur that do not require intensive medical emergency intervention. In the Policlinica Glorieta, however, we are also equipped for acute emergencies and also work together with the local hospitals. General medical treatments include:

    • blood pressure measurement
    • pulse measurement
    • blood count
    • ultrasound scans
    • lung function test
    • electrocardiogram
    • infusion therapies
    • Check-ups
    • nutritional advice

We offer you the entire family doctor services and also all services of our other specialties. As an affiliated clinic, we work with renowned institutions in Valencia and Alicante, so we can treat any health problem. To the subject…

Your cardiologist in Dénia

The heart is the motor of the organism. And just like motor-driven vehicles have to be checked regularly by the TÜV/ITV, the human motor should also be checked once a year. Our internationally recognized specialists are the first address for preventive medical check-ups such as

    • cardiac ultrasound
    • vascular ultrasound
    • Carotid Ultrasound
    • blood analysis
    • risk factor analysis
    • pulse wave analysis
    • ECG and stress ECG
    • lung function test

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Your Orthopedist in Dénia

You can turn to our orthopaedists not only because of classic back pain, but also because of numerous other complaints of the supporting and musculoskeletal system. Whether it’s a cruciate ligament tear, a broken leg or a painful bursitis: Our specialists at Orthopedics Denia are there for you!

    • Ultrasonic
    • OPEN MRI
    • X-ray
    • spine measurement
    • muscle surface measurement
    • bone densitometry

You want to learn more? Here is the subject.


Just don’t lose your nerve … proven specialists work in our neurology department in Dénia.


When colleagues from other departments want to take a closer look, radiology is the first point of contact.

Surgery/Trauma Surgery

The consequences of accidents, abdominal surgery or thyroid surgery: these are the tasks of surgery.


Neurology Dénia

The central nervous system is like the control center of the body and has a seat in both the brain and the spinal cord. All the information that is important for life runs through the fine nerve cords. If this electrical exchange of impulses is disturbed, massive impairments can occur. Typical clinical pictures for which our neurology in Dénia is the right contact person are, among others

    • Parkinson’s
    • Stroke
    • chronic migraine
    • Meningitis
    • Epilepsy
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • chronic diseases

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Radiology in Dénia

Our special feature is the first open magnetic resonance tomograph in the region. This means claustrophobia, tachycardia and anxiety during the examination are a thing of the past. Other examination methods used by our radiologists in Dénia include:

    • Digital X-ray
    • Computed tomography
    • Open MRI
    • Ultrasound/sonography
    • Digital Mammography

Learn more about this subject here.

Surgery in Denia

Our surgery is characterized by the most modern treatment options, quick appointments and comprehensive recovery care. Our services include, among others

    • Digital X-ray
    • Computed tomography
    • Open MRI
    • Ultrasound/sonography
    • Surgical diagnostics
    • palpation
    • Wound care
    • wound treatment
    • repositions
    • surgical interventions

You can find out more about the field of surgery here …


Urology is not just for men. Whether prevention or treatment, our specialists know what to look out for.


Whether puberty or menopause, preventive medical check-ups or pregnancy: we want you to feel comfortable in our gynecology in Dénia.

Other areas of expertise

In the Policlinica Glorieta you will find 16 specialist areas under one roof.

Urology in Dénia

Whether diseases of the urinary tract, the kidneys, the prostate or the bladder: You will find the right contact person in the urology department in Dénia. And so that you stay fit for a long time, we recommend the urological check-up for every man over the age of 45. Our other research methods include:

    • Cystoscopy
    • Ultrasound examination
    • X-ray
    • urine test
    • Puncture
    • Cystometry

Find out more about the field of urology here …

Gynecology in Dénia

Discretion and empathy characterize our doctors, this also applies to our specialists in gynecology. In addition to the preventive medical check-up, they are your right contact among other things:

    • Pregnancy
    • Cancers
    • menopausal symptoms

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Other areas of expertise

One of the many advantages we offer you as a German-speaking polyclinic on the Costa Blanca is that we combine 17 specialties under one roof. From German general practitioners to vein specialists. To overview

    Open MRI: Goodbye claustrophobia!

    Do you need an MRI examination but are afraid of tight spaces? Or are you not allowed to go to the MRI because of your pacemaker? We have the solution: The first open MRI in the region offers a 320-degree all-round view for a relaxed patient experience. In addition to the open design, the low noise level ensures that your examination is stress-free and pleasant. Read more

    In the REMA Dénia you will get fit

    Only those who feel good can also become healthy. Therefore, the patient is king for us and is the focus of our daily work. All of our departments work very closely and trustingly together. The medical offer is supplemented by comprehensive rehabilitation services from our partner in the immediate vicinity, the REMA in Dénia. There we will help you to get fit again quickly and to regain your mobility. Read more

    Osteopath in Denia

    Matter of the heart

    Even the famous physician Paracelsus knew: Love is the best medicine. In fact, researchers are finding more and more evidence that the most beautiful feeling in the world boosts our health. However, you should not only listen to your heart on Valentine’s Day! Therefore, we recommend our regular cardiology check, not only for athletes ;)! For more information, please contact our team at phone 965 27 8800.

    That’s what our patients say

    Your satisfaction is our incentive: every day!

    It’s fun being sick with you. My husband and I thank you very much for your help.

    I got an appointment very quickly. I felt very well. Most importantly, I’m healthy again. Thanks very much!

    We had a corona test carried out on you this morning. I wanted to say a big thank you to this clinic, we were treated very professionally with tremendous kindness. The speed with which we received our test is also incredible. As I am a doctor myself, what struck me most was the very good organization.

    at Dr. Meyer-Josten, a very friendly doctor who took a lot of time for us, and his team made us feel that we were in good hands. Special praise also goes to the friendly nurses – and to the cardiologist Dr. Fernando de la Guia.
    The clinic is modern, bright and friendly. You can park for free in the basement.

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