Your surgeon in Dénia

Your surgeon in Dénia

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What is the surgeon doing?

It’s all about operations here

Whether heart surgery, aesthetic corrections or a cruciate ligament rupture: they all have in common that they are surgically performed by a surgeon. A distinction is made between eight different surgical specialties: general surgery, vascular surgery, accident surgery and orthopaedics, thoracic surgery, visceral surgery, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery and heart surgery.

Due to our own specialist departments and the cooperation with renowned clinics, we offer the right experts for all applications.

The treatment spectrum ranges from varicose veins, appendicitis, broken bones, hip operations to herniated discs and heart operations.

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What diseases does the surgeon treat?

Some of the treatment areas


Diverticula are small bulges in the intestinal wall that are harmless but can cause pain and digestive problems.

spine surgeries

After a herniated disc, an operation can be unavoidable, namely when the affected disc presses on a nerve root or even the spinal cord and conservative treatment does not bring any improvement.


A hernia is a hernia where the anterior abdominal wall is damaged at a weak point in the groin area.

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broken bones

accidents at work

umbilical hernia

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dr Alberto Bordallo

dr Alberto Bordallo

Specialist in surgery, specialist in endoscopic surgical techniques

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