Your pain clinic in Dénia

Your pain clinic in Dénia

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What is a pain clinic?

We declare war on the pain

In our pain clinic, we specialize in patients suffering from chronic pain symptoms. Chronic pain usually does not develop overnight. They follow perioperatively or postoperatively to different pain situations or from an interplay of different somatic complaints and diverse stress factors. The pain is perceived in its ever stronger and constantly recurring form as an independent symptom of the disease. It loses its signal effect and the perception of pain begins to take on a life of its own.

Often affected are people with migraines or chronic headaches, multiple sclerosis or other chronic pain disorders, e.g. B. Fibromyalgia syndromes. The goal of our treatment is a largely pain-free everyday life.

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Which diseases does the pain clinic treat?

Some of the areas of application

Chronic back and neck pain

Chronic pain is often compounded by other factors such as stress or overwork. We get to the bottom of the causes of your pain and then work out the right therapy.

Tumor pain

In cancer, the tumor can cause pain by irritating the surrounding tissue. The often necessary chemotherapy can also be responsible for chronic pain. Damage to the nerves causes what is known as neuropathic pain.


Migraine is a form of headache that occurs in episodes and is very stressful for those affected. It requires different therapeutic approaches than tension headaches.

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Dr Manuel Cifrian

Dr Manuel Cifrian

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