Your Orthopedist in Dénia

Your Orthopedist in Dénia

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What does the orthopedist do?

Bones, tendons and muscles are the focus here

Orthopedics is the medical specialty that deals with diseases and malformations of the musculoskeletal system.

Prevention and therapy
By the way, the literal translation of the term orthopedics means something like “the teaching of the upright child”. The field of medicine, which is practiced by specialists in orthopedics and accident surgery, is dedicated, for example, to the diagnosis and treatment of congenital malformations and the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Acute injuries to the supporting and musculoskeletal system, including short-term or long-term pain therapy, are also part of an orthopaedist’s area of responsibility.


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Our orthopedics in Dénia




Magnetic resonance imaging (open MRI)


Digital X-ray


Physical therapy


Muscle function analysis


Joint reflections


Sports medicine diagnostics


Hyaluronic Acid Therapy



What diseases does the orthopedist treat?

Some of the treatment areas

Disc prolapse

If a herniated disc is diagnosed, the orthopedist has various treatment options available. In a conservative therapy approach, the doctor uses medication or physical measures. Such physical therapies can be, for example, the use of direct and alternating current or the use of ultrasound and lasers. Chiropractic and CT-guided injections can also be part of conservative treatment. If the conservative therapy methods are no longer sufficient, alternative forms of therapy can be considered.


Osteoarthritis is a common joint disease. With physiotherapy and other measures, however, the course can usually be stopped and the symptoms relieved for a while. Painkillers also help with the symptoms. In the case of advanced arthrosis, the affected joint can be replaced with an artificial joint (prosthesis) in an operation.

Torn ligaments

They are among the most common sports injuries: torn ligaments. A torn ligament is usually treated without surgery. Special orthoses allow the foot to move without endangering the injured area. If several ligaments are injured or if a competitive athlete is affected, an operation must be considered.

Your orthopedist in Dénia is a contact person for, among other things


Joint pain

Heel spur


Sports injuries

Foot deformities

Hip dysplasia

Rheumatic diseases

Knee joint problems

Growth disorders


Elbow joint problems

Cartilage damage

Your specialists


Dr Adrian Anghel

Dr Adrian Anghel

Orthopedic specialist, trauma surgeon

Dr Dieter Temmen

Dr Dieter Temmen

Professor of orthopaedics, trauma surgery/specialist in revision prosthetics

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